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Cottomfort may sound unfamiliar to most of our customers but it is the result of our around-the-world search for the best quality material.

We believe using this cotton as the base of our fabric will bring the best touch to everyone that wears our shirts. 


Only state of the art material is not enough to deliver the experience we’d like to give our customers.

We have also built our own production line so that we can ensure the cotton transforms into the ideal yarn, which we knitted to become the right garment for our shirts. 
Only with the right garment, we can deliver the right texture of our shirts so that our customers can feel that sense of comfort and relaxation that we strive to achieve.


We realize the waste from the fashion industry is causing a tremendous amount of pollution to the environment. 

All of our products and materials, everything from the cotton fiber to side label, the paper box to the dust bag, are all naturally biodegradable. 

We believe in protecting the earth not only for our generations but for many and many to come.

We welcome you to join our adventure, the adventure to the environmental friendly fashion industry. 
We cannot undo what we have done to Earth, but we can choose the right brand to stop polluting now.  


Together we make the most essential apparel more friendly to Earth.