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Generally, the fabric is knitted from fiber spun yarn and undergoes the process of  “twisting”.

 It is the process of twisting and rotating fibers in the axial direction into yarn.

cottomfort uses the latest "non-twisted process" technology to ensure every consumer to have a better wearing experience.

Our "non-twisted process" omits the second half of the spinning process - “the spinning and the winding”, we use special airflow device let the fibers knitted into fabric in the”false twist” state.


The benefit of “non-twisted process” :


・Keep the softness and elasticity of the fiber along with the breathability of 100% cotton, you will feeling nothing but a more comfortable and skin-friendly touch.
・There are more gaps between fibers, not only will the speed of water absorbing be faster, it will also dry up quicker. Relatively speaking, bacteria are less likely to adhere, which greatly reduces the unwell smells.


・As we omits the second half of the spinning process, we saved up to 3/4 of energy, which reduced CO2 emission by 75%. 


In terms of comprehensive feel, looseness, softness, and air permeability,cottomfort's "non-twisted process" has a significant results.

This is also the best touch and quality that we have striving to provide.