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Terms and Conditions

| Privacy Policy


When you enter personal data to complete the membership registration procedure or start using the service, it is deemed that you have clearly understood and agreed to the following purposes and uses of the company to collect, process or use your personal data.


Notification of personal data rights:

COTTOMFORT (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is committed to complying with the relevant laws of the Personal Assets Law and Privacy Policy. According to the provisions of Article 8, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Assets Law"), we inform you of the following matters, Please read:

1. Purpose of collection:

  The company collects your personal data for the following specific purposes:

  ※ Contracts, similar contracts or other legal relations matters.

  ※ Consumer and customer management and service.

  ※ Marketing

  ※ Information (communication) information and database management.

  ※ Online shopping and other e-commerce services.

  ※ Other businesses that conform to business registration items or articles of association

  ※ To provide our products or services

  ※ In reply to your inquiry

  ※ To improve the service quality of our company

  ※ To provide the company's product or service information.

2. Types of personal data:

  The company will collect the following personal data in order to provide services:

  ※Name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone, e-mail address, etc., are sufficient to identify your identity in order to provide personal information of the service.

  ※Other types of data that should be collected in accordance with the law (for example: the tax collection law stipulates that customers should submit a sales return receipt when filling out the goods, and fill in the relevant personal data)

3. Period, region, object and method of using personal data:

  The company collects your personal data for the following specific purposes:

  ※Period: The duration of a specific purpose, or the retention period that should be retained in accordance with the law or the contract (such as: commercial accounting law, etc.), whichever is the latest.

  ※Region: Within the Republic of China.

  ※Target: Our company, credit card company, financial joint credit information center, business outsourcing unit, recipients of international transmission of personal data that are not restricted by the competent authority of the central purpose business, an authority with investigation authority or a financial supervision authority according to law

  ※ Method: Using automated machines or other non-automated methods of use.

4. According to the provisions of Article 3 of the Personal Assets Law, you have to ask your company to collect your personal data for the following specific purposes:

  ※According to Article 3 of the Personal Assets Law, you have to ask for your personal data.

  ※Supplements or corrections, but you must explain them appropriately.

  ※Stop collecting, processing or using, or delete it, but the company is not necessary to execute the business according to law.

5. Impact of rights and interests caused by not providing personal data:

     You have the freedom to choose whether to provide personal information, but if you refuse to provide the necessary personal information, it may affect the company to provide related services

6. The company reserves the right to modify these terms, and can be published on the COTTOMFORT official website after the amendment, without further notice, please refer to these terms regularly to avoid damage to your own rights.

7. About Cookies:

  When using our website, our company may set and access cookies on your computer or mobile device.

  You can decide whether to allow the use of cookie technology by setting the browser you use. When you refuse to use cookies, some or all services such as the purchase of goods may not be available

 | Member Rights Statement

1. Member Information:

  Before you use our company's services, you must provide correct personal information. After joining, you can use our company's services and participate in related activities. If there is any change in your personal information, please be sure to update it immediately to protect your rights. If the member does not update the personal information correctly, resulting in failure to receive the member's rights and interests, consumption discounts and all activities and other related content sent by the company, it is deemed that the member has received such information or notification. Members' personal data is protected and regulated by the company's privacy policy.

2. Change of service content:

Members agree that the company may adjust, change, modify or terminate the company's services and these terms at any time, which will take effect after the company's announcement and will not be notified separately. The rights and obligations of the members due to participating in the activities of the company and using the services of the company are subject to the latest revised version of these terms.